Mad Mail

Boo-yah Jim: You are doing a good job on the MSNBC show this morning. It's interesting to watch you be so very self-restrained for such a long period of time. You would be good as the regular MSNBC host, but that show (with or without you) will never hold a candle to Mad Money. Don't let them lure you away from our Mad Money. My portfolio has benefited because of your theories and experience. You have done a great service to millions of investors in "teaching us to fish," and we all really appreciate you. --Carmen

Cramer says: "Carmen, here’s what I have to say – as the most sincerely insincere man in North America - it’s been a super time over there!"


Dear Jim: On Friday's Lightning Round, you pushed the "sell, sell, sell" button what seemed like a million times after disclosing there is a company in negotiations to acquire Energy Metals, and did not give a reason for why. I would think one would hold onto EMU as there could be a dollar premium associated with a takeover…also, the fact that uranium is still in demand and commodity prices continue to rise. Could you please explain why you feel EMU deserves to be sold? --Robert

Cramer says: "Bulls make money, bears makes money, hogs get slaughtered. You are about to become Jimmy Dean sausage. We’ve got a great gain in that thing. What are you doing? What do you want, a sharp stick in the eye? I’ll be right over there!"

Boo-yah Cramer: As a private Catholic high school teacher, I have to tell you that I loved your concluding comment about the aQuantive deal last Friday. You said, since one of our "specs" paid off, we should donate some of the profits to a worthy charity. Double boo-yah for Skee-daddy! We incessantly try to get our students to donate and help those less fortunate, and most do; I hope all of Cramerica follows your lead on this one, so perhaps at the very least we can help make America a better place, lend a hand to those who are struggling and maybe one day give the less fortunate a chance to earn some funds to make mad money too! Before I go…how are you feeling about Halliburton and Level 3 Communications? --Michael

Cramer says: “Level 3 exploded the upside today. I told you it was going to go from $6.50 to $5, mark time, and then start going up. We started to see that. Halliburton is headed to $40.”