Think Like a Kid, Make Millions


If you've seen "The Big Idea," you've seen that million-dollar ideas can come from anywhere; but would you believe that they can come from anyone? Even your own two-year-old? That's right; the preschool bound daughter eating breakfast right across from you every morning is surely missing things in her life, and even if she can't quite yet articulate them, you can.

And that's exactly what Danielle Ayotte and Julie Dix, co-creators of Taggies, did. Very early on, Julie saw that her son loved the feeling of satin, be it on her nightgown, a blanket, the back of a t-shirt, anywhere. Oftentimes, her infant was more interested in the satin tags than in the hundred dollar toys themselves! And that's when the light bulb went off…


Julie went to a craft store, purchased an assortment of ribbons and sewed them into satin loops around the perimeter of her son's blanket. Not only did her son adore his new blanket, so did the other kids in Julie's playgroup, including Danielle's daughter. Danielle realized that if their children weren't the only ones fascinated by the satin tags, there must millions more, and a veritable Taggie market was born, selling today to more than 4,500 independent specialty shops worldwide.

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