Second Chance: Beating Challenge Finalists' Picks

Well, the Second Chance Contestants are slaughtering the Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge finalists--when it comes to total value and % gain. The Second Chance leader is Aric Fanzmeier with a portfolio at $2,096,987.59. He's outpacing the current leader in the finals contest, Nancy Beaumont--by 57% or $764,984.19, with Nancy's current portfolio value of $1,332,003.40.

Aric keeps first place for the second day in a row, on his second ValueClick trade which netted him almost $42K. John Orifice moves from 8th place to second on a $41K gain on Netflix Inc. . Aric stays in first place with a portfolio value of $2,096,987.59 up $42,538.23 or 2.07% from Monday's total. He sold 59,913 shares of ValueClick Inc.up 2.07% Tuesday making him over $42K. He bought Gamestop Corp. and he re-bought ValueClick Inc., for the third time.

John Orifice moves into second place with a portfolio value of $1,903,551.50 up $41,381.50 or 2.22% from Monday's total. John made no transactions Tuesday, but holds on to 82,763 shares of Netflix Inc. which he bought on Monday (5/21) making him about $41K to date. Ryan Darichuk fell from 2nd to 5th on his holding which lost -1.69% Tuesday.

Name Portfolio Value
1. Aric Franzmeier $2,096,987.59
2. John Orifice 1,903,551.50
3. Walter Clelland 1,902,283.10
4. Barbara Weinstein 1,900,650.96
5. Ryan Darichuk 1,892,504.40
6. Andrew Colenzo 1,875,059.38
7. Ronald Rose 1,872,003.50
8. Linda Gorden 1,862,629.61
9. Bret Murray 1,839,782.50
10. Tamala Bauer 1,809,361.33

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