Challenge Contender Carl Altenburg Talks Picks


Carl Altenburg is one of our finalists in the CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge--and he's looking for a good stock right now with only three trading days left in the contest. He talked about his latest stock pick on "Squawk on the Street." He's currently all in on Gamestop but that stock is sinking about 4 percent today.

Carl says he's planning to get out of Gamestop and look for a small or midcap that could have some surprise earnings coming out in the next two days. He's planning to go all in on that pick he makes.

Carl is from Toms River, New Jersey and a comptroller at a children's educational company called New Century Education. He's one of the twenty finalists competing for a prize of $1,000,000. They all have until end of trading on Friday to come up with a stock portfolio with the largest value.


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