Do you have more faith in the housing market or the stock market?


"I have far more faith in the housing market because when the dust settles, owning your own home is still and always will be the American dream."
-- Deborah D., Indiana

"Right now, I'd definitely put my money in the stock market instead of real estate. The real estate market will take at least a couple of years to get back to normal."
-- Kurk R., California

"A house is a place to live not an investment. After subtracting realtor commissions, property taxes, insurance, and upkeep you are lucky to break even over time. The stock market will over the long term appreciate nicely. I can also convert all of my stock holding to cash in a matter of seconds. Try doing that with your house."
-- Paul S., Iowa

"Neither. The economy looks terrible right now and the dollar has been on the decline for years. Americans are in more debt than ever. It is time to save, stop spending and be more conservative and cautious."
-- Stephanie E., Virginia

"The housing market already got its rise a couple years ago and then re-cycled down. Now it’s the stocks that are going up and they are not ready to re-cycle at this time. However, just like the seasons, things change. The housing is on the cusp! It will probably be at least 11/2-2 years before it returns. Good buying opportunity if you want to wait that long."
-- Lawrence K., Florida

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"I have more faith in the stock market. If you look at housing, in a normal housing market, and compare it to the stock market for the same period, it appears to me you are better off in the stock market, by a couple of percentage points. However, I think a good group of mutual funds, mixed with a couple of speculative stocks is the way to go."
-- Larry J.

"The two are very different animals. Both show great appreciation potential for the long run." -- R.W., Florida

"The stock market and housing market are about to tank! We haven't touched the surface of sub prime and flipper mortgages. It will take 5 years for things to get back to normal."
-- Ernie S., Florida

"You cannot have faith in one without the other. Real estate is the foundation for all wealth in our economy, and the market is where that wealth is distributed. The housing market is strengthening in key sectors. I see both continuing to show gains in the mid-term."
-- Walth, Maryland

"I have more faith in the housing market. They don't make land anymore plus we have low interest rates. Greenspan helped create the bubble in the markets. When it deflated speculators rolled out of markets into housing with the get rich over night mentality. Add government greediness for high fees coupled with the media hype, corrupt mortgage lenders and national homebuilders with no vested interest in local areas, you have where we are today. When all this washes out of real estate and the expectation of 10% per month price appreciation is gone, you will get back to the American dream of stable home ownership without having to worry about their house going up or down in price the next day. The markets on the other hand will continue to gyrate on the latest rumor, shortsighted number and panic of the day."
-- Jim G., California

"Historically, the housing market appears to have beat the stock market in the long run. The stock market however can in the short run be very profitable. An equal amount of faith in both would be a wise conclusion."
-- Anthony D., New Jersey

"I believe the stock market would do better than the housing market."
-- Kalyan

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"Housing market by far. More stable and dependable."
-- Mark J., Maryland

"Both, it’s a matter of time. Whether you invest in the equity markets or real estate overtime both will show gains. The difference is you can still enjoy your home in a down market."
-- Cary W., Arizona

"From 1900 to 2000 housing prices stayed even with inflation, while the stock market was a lot higher than inflation, so I'll stick with the stock market. Besides, the liquidity and global nature of stocks makes them more convenient and easier to manage than a bunch of real estate."
-- Ray M., Florida

"I only have faith in the stock market. People with only one house do not benefit at all from rising house prices. In fact, they get hit with higher insurance and property taxes and it is still the same house.
-- Don G., Indiana

"I have more faith in the real estate market given its historical, steady returns. Also, you can live in a house and not in a stock."
-- Kanto E., New York