CNBC's Schacknow: Pepsi + Coke = Corporate Intrigue on Tape

Coke And A Smile
One of the more fascinating stories of recent years came to a close today, when a former Coca-Cola secretary was sentenced to eight years for trying to steal Coke trade secrets. Joya Williams attempted to sell those secrets to rival PepsiCo for $1.5 million dollars, but was foiled when some very ethical Pepsi employees called Coke to let them in on the scheme.

We covered it just with an “alert deko” and later, a full story in our headlines segment, but despite the lack of a full-blown, strike-up-the-band special report, this remains one of my favorite ongoing stories. That’s primarily because of the combination of corporate intrigue and some feel-good ethical behavior by the folks at Pepsi. And, of course, because we had video of the perpetrator.


Free-Flowing Raspberries
This, too, fits in the category of not earth-shattering, yet fascinating. Procter & Gamble thinks there might be an opportunity in flavored water -- that comes out of your tap. P&G is doing this through a brand extension of their Pur brand water filter. A new version will impart the flavor of raspberry, cherry, or peach to your tap water.

This story merely made air as an entry in one of our headline segments, but I practically froth at the mouth when I see something like this cross the wire. Let’s face it: we write many stories that, while important and market-moving, simply aren’t fun. This one was. And remember, when flavored tap water becomes a multimillion-dollar industry, you heard it here first.