Contest Finalists: Will Gymboree "Retail" A Winner?

Well, today is the biggest day for our Million Dollar Challenge contestants. The trades they execute prior to 4pm will be the last trades that will impact their total portfolio value based on their performance on Friday. Only $22K separates the top three positions. Nancy Beaumont holds first place for the 3rd straight day. Nancy looks like she may maintain her first position with retail company Gymboree. Joe Dondero is losing so far today on his all-in bet on Ansoft. It's down in a rather 'up and down day" on the Street. But like Nancy, 3rd place holder Serge Amelyan is getting the benefit from Gymboree's rise.

Be sure and check out our slideshow on all the contest finalists. Twenty people are competing for a cool $1,000,000 prize. The contest ends Friday.

#1 Nancy Beaumont: $1,461,868.96 up $129,865.56 +9.75%.
Sold 29,249 shares of The Men's Wearhouse up 9.75% Wednesday for a gain of $129K.
Bought 1 share of Aegean Marine Petro Network.
Almost all-in on Gymboree.

#2 Joseph Dondero: $1,451,464.72 up $305,872.53 +26.70%.
Sold 114,559 shares of Fremont General up 26.7% Wednesday for a gain of $305K.
All-in on Ansoft Corp .

#3 Serge Amelyan: $1,440,700.25 up $127,982.87 +9.75%.
Sold 28,825 shares of The Men's Wearhouse up 9.75% Wednesday for a gain of $127K.
Sold 1 share of Vanda Pharma.
Bought 7 more shares of Vonage.
Almost all-in on Gymboree Inc.

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