Contest Finalist: Scholech Needs To "Radiate"  Picks


Barry Scholech is a 33-year-old radiology resident at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan and hoping to win a $1,000,000 as a finalist in the Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge. He's one of the twenty "fighting" it out for the big prize. Right now, he's in 17th place so he better come up with some strong medicine--and fast. The contest ends Friday.

Barry says "I have only become interested in the stock market within the last year and do not trade on a regular basis. I entered the contest after seeing it advertised on CNBC just to see how I could do." Barry ended the regular contest to become a finlist with a portfolio value of $3,412,492.38.

Here is his current portfolio value and the stock he owns:
Barry Schoelch: $969,609.81 down $28,104.58 -2.82%.
No transactions Wednesday.
Barry's portfolio is down because of Crystallex Intl. , his only holding, which fell -2.82% for a loss of $28K on Wednesday.

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