Turn Your Hobby Into Millions

I love this show. And not just because I'm the host. On what other program does the host get to talk to people who are living out their wildest dreams… and getting rich at the same time?

Kenny Lao, co-founder of Rickshaw Dumpling Bar, is the perfect example. All his life, he grew up loving food but never thought to pursue it as a profession. Instead, he went to an Ivy League school, studied international relations and found work as an analyst at Putnam Investments.


But unlike most people, Kenny didn't stay in that job for long. Despite the steady paycheck and big bonuses, he left Putnam after only one year to pursue his real passion: dumplings!

Those doughy delights -- traditionally stuffed with pork and veggies -- got an urban makeover when, in 2005, Kenny opened Rickshaw Dumpling Bar in New York City. His restaurant focused on a very narrow market, filling its niche by pairing exotic dumpling flavors (Peking Duck, Chicken & Thai Basil) with the not so exotic (simple green salad, clear soup broth).

Instant success. Rickshaw Dumpling Bar caught on right away, with annual revenues currently in the millions. And all Kenny did was find something he loved.

What do you love? Turn it into a business, make some dough and enjoy the rest of your life!

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