Second Chance: New Leader On Final Day!

Well, it's the final day of trading for the Second Chance contestants--who are competing for the Sony Home Theatre Entertainment System. You "second chancers" continue to outpace the Million Dollar Portfolio contestants by over $300K in total portfolio value--but the Million $ contestants have narrowed the gap again. So here's the latest on Second Chance. Ronald Rose jumps from sixth place into first place. Ronald only gained a modest $2K, but with losses by Wednesday's top 5 contestants he was able to take the lead. And Danh Huynh moves from third to second place losing almost $57K Thursday.

Aric Fanzmeier, the first place contestant for the prior 3 days, fell off the leader board with a $290K or 14.54% loss on Stein Mart .

More Ronald: he takes first place with a portfolio value of $1,903,613.50 up $2,280.00 or 0.12% from Wednesday's total. He sold 114,000 shares of Palmup 0.12% Thursday for a gain of $2K. He is now all-in cash.

Danh H. moves into second place with a total portfolio value of $1,890,933.97 down $56,985.92 or -2.93% from Wednesday's total. He sold 154,016 shares of Fremont Generaldown 2.92% Thursday, but up 73% since he purchased it on 5/21 for a total gain of nearly $800K. He is now all-in on Golden Star Resources .

Name Portfolio Value
1. Ronald Rose $1,903,613.50
2. Danh Huynh 1,894,399.33
3. Andrew Colenzo 1,875,059.38
4. Ryan Darichuk 1,871,960.49
5. Linda Gorden 1,828,406.19
6. John Orifice 1,820,164.87
7. Joseph Awad 1,801,497.54
8. Jeff Sigman 1,794,617.23
9. David Neesan 1,794,617.23
10. Kendra Love 1,790,903.55

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