No. 3 - Beef's Bull Run

Forget the pain at the pump. The real pain this Memorial Day is at the grill. Why? Because the goods on the barby are a whole lot more expensive this year. For example; beef is up 5%. Boneless chicken for all you non-beef eaters - that's up 55%. Even eating veggies is more expensive this year - corn is posting a double. What's behind this increase?

Eric Bolling went to NYC’s meat packing district to find out. He learned that there’s a shortage of high quality beef because the animals are not being fed as much corn. (Corn is also needed for ethanol.) Also the price of transporting cattle has gone up.

Consequently, Jeff Macke put together 4 trades. He likes supermarkets because they’re passing along higher costs and recommends Winn Dixie (WINN) and Costco (COST). He also likes PepsiCo (PEP) and Molson Coors Brewing Company (TAP) because with less to eat, people will drink.

Guy Adami recommends Tyson Foods (TSN) because they also sell chicken and pork.

Pete Najarian prefers CKE Restaurants (CKR) because not everyone likes to cook.

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