Mad Mail

Dear Jim: I just wanted to thank you for the dedicated Lightning Rround and mini-segment beforehand on Friday's show. I started watching Mad Money about two months before my third tour to Iraq, last June. I haven't stopped since. Your show and your books have been such an inspiration. This last tour I was severely injured and spent two months bedridden in a hospital - the worst part was for the first month the TV in my room didn't get CNBC, therefore no Mad Money! Fortunately I was moved and the next month I was able to get back to your show; and as an added bonus, I got hooked up with a computer, while still in bed, and was able to get back to making money… Thank you so much Jim for what you do for all us Home Gamers, it's great to see such sincerity on TV…you've inspired me to make investing and the continual learning process my new thing. --Chris

Cramer says: “I may inspire you but you inspire a whole generation. Thanks for the kind words.”


Dear Jim: A big grateful BOOYAH for all you've done educating us about how the market works! I have a question about your advice for those of us who got into Apple in the low 80's. You recently said that AAPL was a sell "five days before the launch" of the iPhone. Are you suggesting selling everything at that point, scaling out of a large part of the position and playing with the house's money on the rest, or trading around a core position? Just because you've been teaching me how to think doesn't mean I wouldn't highly value your specific advice! --Bud

Dear Jim: With all of the M&A activity going on, it doesn't seem like much is happening in the oil patch. You mentioned potential for Parker Drilling and GlobalSantaFe . What are your thoughts? --Doug

Cramer says: “The buyout kings don’t believe in it.” GlobalSantaFe should be acquired because it has so much business to do, Cramer says. The private equity firms have steered clear of it, but Cramer thinks that’s a mistake.

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