Will there be a summer rally in stocks?

The facade of the New York Stock Exchange.
Mark Lennihan
The facade of the New York Stock Exchange.

"I believe the market will reach a new high near the end of summer since investors are getting more numb each day to bad news and it will have less and less of an effect. China, oil and the many battles around the world are all figured in already."
-- Nick D., New York

"Yes, a small pullback will likely happen in the next few weeks, but the market is on fire!"
-- Robert S., Tennessee

"The slow housing market will hold back gains in the stock market despite continued strong earnings."
-- Jon W., California

"Markets will be flat this summer with some pullbacks and retracements."
-- L.B., Arizona

"No. I think the market will remain flat this summer with several spikes up and down. The end of the year is looking much better!"
-- John B., New Jersey

"I believe the market will move sideways to lower over the summer months. Asian markets, energy prices, and the state of the U.S. economy into the fall will determine the next move higher or lower."
-- Frank T., Florida

"Yes, there will be a rally because of all the cash held by corporations. All the buybacks will continue along with additional takeovers. Low interest rates along with a possible cut will propel the market higher."
-- Steve, California

"No summer rally! But after Labor Day, investors will once again anticipate rate cuts by the Fed, the recovery of the housing market, and a strong holiday season."
-- Cliff G., South Carolina

"Of course there will be a rally, after the correction."
-- M.B.