See What People Are Saying - May 30th

Your web site is very difficult to understand...very scattered. One has to pay a lot attention to understand.
-- Sara B.

Hi Sara

Sorry to hear you're having trouble with the Fast Money website. We really do want the experience to be positive.

If it helps.. you can always look for new posts on the left side of the screen. And they're in reverse order from the way they aired on the show.

I always recommend going to the bottom of the page and scrolling up... this way you'll have the entire show at your fingertips!
-- Lee Brodie


Will you be showing Part 2 of the F.M. User's Guide again? My VCR went on strike and didn't record it! Also, I'd love to see Part 1 again.
-- Esther L. from Oregon

Hi Esther -

I have some good news... The Fast Money User's Guide Vol. 2: China is posted in The Rapid Recap. Click here for the link. Part 1 is also available in The Rapid Recap.

And right now I think both episodes are scheduled to re-run the last week of August (but, don't hold me to that...) So glad you're enjoying them!
-- Lee Brodie

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