Mad Mail

Dear Jim & Co.: Thank you all for your brilliant show - I cry bitterly if I miss it. You talked for a week about private equity and takeovers - thank you. As a new investor, it was great - I bought both aQuantive and ValueClick and AQNT doubled within a month. You did a fantastic job teaching us about takeovers, but now that AQNT has been taken over, how do I decide what to do with it? Can you help? Thanks for the TV kiss on Wednesday Jim; your kiss and your advice really make me swoon! --Rev. Jill

Cramer says: “aQuantive is done. We need to find the next aQuantive.” Book the gains and sell it right now, he recommends. And congratulations on pulling the trigger!


Dear Jim: Why does a stock like Sun Microsystems , that is such an underperformer and receives little respect from investors, land at or near the top of trading volume on a daily basis? The stock is very actively traded yet moves very little. I'd appreciate your explanation of this seemingly contradictory phenomenon. --Adam

Cramer says: “I think Sun has bottomed. I’m waiting for a catalyst to get it to move.” Sun is a legacy name, left over from the old days, that everone hopes is going to turn around, he says. It’s inexpensive until you look at previous earnings.

Cramer says: “RZ is too speculative for me. Let me counter that I think Corning has a diesel engine that’s better.” Corning also has real earnings, he says, while Raser does not. Even though Corning is sitting at a 52-week high, Cramer thinks it’s the way to go.

Jim's charitable trust owns Corning.

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