Video Roundup: Innovations Series

Ever have a really great idea that would somehow make some everyday function in life work better, maybe help expedite your morning routine, or make you a better skier? The spirit of innovation can also make an already existing product better or reinvent it; take the common zipper and its offspring Velcro. The spirit of innovation helped make Apple'sCEO Steve Jobs an icon of our modern culture -- and a very rich man in the process.

CNBC lauds this innovative spirit, bringing you the best of what's next in the great idea department. Enjoy our videos and try stopping yourself from saying, "Boy, I could've thought of that!"

Floating with Fogscreen

What is it: An award-winning projection technology that can display images upon a cascading wall of mist without creating a wet mess.

How it works: The device is equipped with a tank of water which ultrasonic transducers convert into a fine mist. Powerful fans then force the mist downward to create a wall which can have video and other images cast upon it.

Plugging Into the Sun

What is it: Solio, dubbed by the company as the universal "hybrid" charger, is a portable device that uses solar panels powerful enough to charge handheld electronic products anywhere under the sun.

How it works: Solio is considered a hybrid charger because it can accept power from either a wall socket or the sun storing energy within it's internal rechargeable battery. Solio then uses this energy to power your gadgets at the same rate as if they were plugged into the wall. Solio will also hold its charge for up to a year.

Your Own Instant Replay

What is it: With Nextel's handheld Fan View the Nascar fan will be able to follow the race as well as your favorite drivers from anywhere in the stadium.

How it works: With Nextel's Fan View you'll never miss a moment of the action with this device's ability to track any driver with views from the sidelines as well as from the driver's seat. The user can instantly call up to 7 of their favorite driver's standings, lap times, as well as replay crucial moments of the race.

Wine Without the Vine

What is it: Winepod is an at-home personalized winemaking system.

How it works: The Winepod unit connects to your computer and while it presses the grapes special software carefully monitors the process and provides instant feedback and advice. Partnering with Sonoma and Napa Valley California growers, the company sells the premium quality grapes from the region -- an average batch will yield about 4-5 cases that will produce wines for a cost less than $20 per bottle.

Framed By DNA

What is it: A piece of highly personalized artwork crafted from human DNA.

How it works: Using a special swab provided by the company, dna11, a DNA sample is collected by wiping the swab on the inside of your mouth. Once the digital file is created from your extracted DNA, the company can create a wide variety of sizes and colors of your DNA as a piece of artwork.

Reinventing the Ski

What is it: Ski's equipped with unique balancing technology.

How it works: The Anton Gliders are full suspension skis that include 16 spring elements that help take the edge off the learning curve by keeping the tips and tails of the skis pressured to the ground.