Two Market Pros Recommend U.S. Stocks Over European Shares

Despite the market's recent slump, U.S. stocks are a better bet right now than European shares, two market pros said on "Morning Call."

“Rates are still at a reasonably low level," said Peter Andersen, Portfolio Manager at Dreman Value Management. "Even if the Fed raises for the next couple of meetings, it is still an attractive environment for both equities and fixed income in the U.S.”

Manny Weintraub, President at Integre Advisors also said he liked U.S. stocks but was less enthusiastic about fixed income.

“If you look at the mega-cap yields, Citigroup’s 4% plus yield and GE’s 3% yield, you’re getting paid just as much as buying a 10-year treasury and you get the growth for free.”

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