See What People Are Saying On June 6th

What happened to the 1-2-3 video segments for 6-5-07?

-- Ed H.

Hi Ed -

If you're looking for video of Fast Money on the web you can always find the most recent show on the right side of page at After that, you can always find the video in the corresponding Rapid Recap post. Right now that video remains available indefinitely.

Now, onto your question. Click here for the post and video for "The Top Three: #1" from June 5th. I thought this would get you started!

-- Lee Brodie


In 1984 my son received a Macintosh computer as a gift. He was 14 yrs. old. He passed away in l994 I took the bonds he received as gifts from his Bar Mitzvah and purchased 100 shares of Apple stock. (I believe the price was approx $13.00).Through thick and thin, good times and bad, I still have 100 shares of Apple Stock.

-- Arlene P.

Hi Arlene -

Thank you for your willingness to share such an intimate and personal story. I feel certain that Steve Jobs and everyone at Apple would be as moved as I was. And please accept my condolences.

Warm regards,

-- Lee Brodie

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