Fund Manager Picks Big, Small Pharma Stocks


Pharmaceutical stocks is the place to invest in the current market, according to Kris Jenner, portfolio manager for the T. Rowe Price Health Sciences Fund.

The medical doctor told "Morning Call" viewers he likes large cap Wyeth and small cap Alexion Pharmaceuticals, in particular.

"There is no more valuable opportunity in the pharmaceutical industry today than bringing forward an Alzheimer's product," Jenner said of Wyeth, which has made advances in treating the disease.

Alexion is making advances in fighting PNH, a rare genetic blood-borne disorder, he said.

"[The drug] really does have quite dramatic clinical benefits for patients. There're about 10,000 patients in Western Europe and the U.S., and if they only get any kind of reasonable penetration of that marketplace, this product will bring Alexion into very significant profitability," he said.