It's Time for the Lightning Round!

Morgan Stanley : Cramer likes Morgan Stanley, but not as much as he likes Goldman Sachs.

Altria : This is a stock to buy on the way down, Cramer says. It won't be affected by a 5% bond yield.

Wachovia : "Wachovia is O.K. but I'm not going to rave about it."

Rackable Systems : This company represents "really bad tech," Cramer says. Why not go with one of the four horsemen: Google, Amazon, RIM and Apple? "Those are all better."

Celgene : At below $60, Celgene is a gift that will keep on giving, Cramer says.Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan : Cramer says it's O.K., but when it comes to fertilizer he likes SQM.

Annaly Capital Management : The perception is that as interest rates go up, NLY will continue to be sold, but Cramer isn't giving up on it. "At $14, I would continue to buy more," he says.

Gilead Sciences : "That one is coming down" just like Celgene. "This is the time to get into CELG and GILD."

Knight Capital Group : This whole group could go lower, Cramer says, and he doesn't want to touch it.

Rentech : It's too speculative, Cramer says. Plus, he doesn't like the company's alternative energy process.

Jim's charitable trust owns Altria, Goldman Sachs and Yahoo!.

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