PC Vs. Mac "Wins" And Have You Been Scammed?

“PC versus Mac” ads
“PC versus Mac” ads

The “PC versus Mac” ads are THE BEST. And they have now been recognized as such, given the top prize at the 41st Annual Belding Awards, a Tinseltown nod to the marketing industry. The ads were created by TBWA/Media Arts Lab, based in Los Angeles.

Ellen Gray of the Philadelphia Daily News wonders if the Geico Cavemen can get their own TV show, why not Mac and PC? Apple could underwrite the whole show! Except, of course, people like me love PC more than Mac. PC actually makes me want to go out and buy a PC.

Gray writes that the show is the 21st Century version of “The Odd Couple,” with PC as “Felix,” and Mac as “Oscar.” Here’s her idea, and it ain’t bad:

‘Pitch: After Silicon Valley hits another downturn, the rivals are forced to become roomies.

Hook: While Mac lives the iLife, PC’s nostalgic for the good old days of Windows 98.

Pilot: When a beautiful woman moves in next door, the boys vie to offer support for her operating system - only to discover that she's running (gasp) Linux.”

When you’re Paris Hilton, every move you make is headline news. Really. Paris inhales, it’s on TMZ.com. Paris exhales, they’ve got it on CNN. Look, I’ll admit when I see her on the tube, I look up.

On the other hand, when you’re Florence Henderson and Shirley Jones, it’s a little harder to get pub, you know? So in a marketing move that’s straight out of Planet Desperate, I caught the following on the PR newswire: “Shirley Jones Responds to B---- Remark from Florence Henderson.” Except it didn’t have dashes after the “B.” A smackdown between the Partridge and Brady Bunch moms? Apparently Flo called Shirl the “b” word in an interview. Turns out Henderson really wanted to star in “Oklahoma,” about a hundred years ago (a figure referenced, literally, below) except “that b---- Shirley Jones got it.” Here’s the article.

Here’s the maniacal part. Jones responded with a press release!

Florence Henderson
Florence Henderson

"Well, I've known Florence Henderson a hundred years and I've never known her to be a tough guy -- And this kinda' sleaze isn't really Florence's style, unless one of two things: Either she was smiling when she said it (no mention of that by the writer) in which case I'm smiling too ... OR she wasn't smiling when she said it, in which case 'the new Florence Henderson' is about to see how it feels to get her block knocked off by 'an old and well-trained Danny Bonaduce's mama'."

Speechless on Wells Street! Please email me with your ideas on how this furthers either woman’s career, or what might have been a more marketing-effective way for Jones to respond. I will post creative replies.

Earlier this week news broke in the Associated Press of a new scam where people “lend” their good credit rating to people with low FICO scores.

But then I started hearing about an old scam, a scam so old that you have to wonder how it still succeeds.

In this scam, you get a call from a guy with what appears to be an Indian accent letting you know the government is awarding you hundreds, or thousands, of dollars. All you have to do is give him your personal banking info. Do people still fall for this? Are they not paying attention? It’s like when you go to the airport, and you're stuck behind someone going through security who has NO IDEA her one-liter bottle of water and the vat of moisturizer and the large can of hairspray can’t go through as carry on luggage. WHERE… HAVE… YOU… BEEN?

The scam involving the guy with the accent has been around a while. Blogs started mentioning it about a year ago. Check out some of the astounding stories here.

Ok, what is this doing in a Funny Business blog? Well, some of the stories are kinda funny. Like the guy who says he gave the caller all of his banking information because, “My bank account is empty.” He thought that would teach 'em! “Only now they have called me 4 times!”

Email me with the dumbest phone scams you've ever been subjected to.Yes, I just ended that sentence with a preposition. Sue me!

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