I’m Asking For Your Help

Open House
Open House

We all know real estate is local, and try as I do to focus in on as many different metro markets as I can, many of you are on my case for allegedly over-generalizing the market. I am, therefore, in response, attempting to launch a new feature that better gauges housing, neighborhood to neighborhood, market to market. Alas, I am but one reporter, and much as I’d like to get out of town more often, I can’t get everywhere, and thus I am soliciting your help.

Sunday Open Houses: Monday Morning Quarterback. I know that many of you, even in your many varied price brackets, have the same reaction when you see that “Open House” sign in your neighborhood: “Honey, grab the kids, we’ve gotta go snoop!”

So if you happen to be nosing around a neighbor’s master bath this weekend, write in and let me know what you see. I’m not looking for descriptions of individual houses, and Realtors, please don’t keep sending me your listings (I’m RealtyCheck.com, not Realtor.com). I’m looking for the following:

Where is the house (specific address not necessary), what kind of ‘hood?

What is the price bracket?

What kind of buyer traffic did you see?

What were some of the comments from folks like you hanging around the walk-in closet?

How was the agent marketing the house? Talk ‘em up and see what they say.

No, CNBC will NOT pay you for your freelance reporting, but I will be eternally grateful for your help, and you all will be better served with specific, local market intelligence. Now before you all start yelling that this is anecdotal and not real data and nothing we should trade or invest upon, of course, I get it. But I do believe it’s worth something to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate, or even to invest further in their current home. The more of these we can compile, the more accurate our reporting. Many thanks!!

Questions? Comments? RealtyCheck@cnbc.com