Last Word On ASCO (Or How I became "Several Times Daily")

The American Society of Clinical Oncology requires all reporters who want to cover its annual meeting to register online in advance. A few months ago I filled out the form completely. Where it says, "Media Outlet", I wrote "CNBC". And just beneath that where it asks, "How often published/broadcast?", I answered, "Several times daily".

So, when reporters arrive at ASCO they must check in at the press room and get badged. It was the first thing I did last Sunday morning at the convention center in Chicago. I immediately clipped the badge onto the pocket of my shirt and made my way back through the hall. When I walked outside, I took off the badge to put it into my bag and looked at it for the first time and burst into laughter. The badge is supposed to have the reporter's name and underneath that their affiliation--i.e. CNBC. Well, here's what mine said:


That's right. I'm Mike Huckman with the "Several Times Daily" out of Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. There's so many directions to go with that. Either this was an innocent mistake by whoever input the information or it's ASCO's idea of a joke to get back at me for all of my protestations about their embargo and TV media policies. Another reporter told me to save the badge for a costume party. Not a bad idea. For now, it will sit atop my desk for the amusement of my coworkers.

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