See What People Are Saying On June 8th

On the Thursday show, Jeff Macke talked about 28 handles....I can't find any definition of the term "handle." Can you define this "trader speak"?

-- John G. from California

Hi John -

When the traders talk about handles they're referring to the first few numbers in a stock's share price. For example, if they say "The Lee Brodie Company" is a buy with a 28-handle, they mean it's a buy if share price moves to $28-dollars and change. That could be $28.99 - $28.01.

Hope that helps!

-- Lee Brodie

ps - I know what you're thinking.. no, I'm not publicly traded.


Great show... no yelling... no screaming...great insight!

-- Jerry P. from Illinois

Hi Jerry,

Thanks for writing. We really appreciate the nice note.

-- Lee Brodie

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