Sitting Down with Paula Deen


Have you ever heard the saying "it takes money to make money"… well that’s not always the case. Last night I sat down with the beautiful and adorable Paula Deen. How did this rock star of the Food Network get her start? With just 200 dollars and some good old-fashioned home cookin’, that’s how! After going through a divorce at age 42, she was left with almost nothing and moved to Savannah, Georgia with her two sons. She began making specialty lunches for the local business crowd, and sure enough she quickly became the talk of the town. You can tell when she describes these original mouthwatering specialties, that she’s still as excited and in love with cooking as the day she started. Her widespread appeal comes from one simple statement: "Who doesn’t love Mama's cookin’?"

Who would have thought such an enchanting woman had such a rough life – losing her parents at 23, getting divorced and even battling Agoraphobia. She rose above all these hardships and made millions. Her success not only comes from her passion, but her hard work. She told me that if someone else can work 8 hours, she would to work 16.

Paula’s turnaround came in her 40’s when she finally decided to follow her passion - cooking. Since then she’s become a superstar on The Food Network, started her own magazine and has even appeared in a movie alongside Orlando Bloom.
And Paula's passions can easily translate to almost anyone out there. Her story and her work ethic are inspiring and a reminder that if you follow your passions and work hard enough, you will be rewarded. In the end, Paula shows us that it really doesn’t take money to make money.

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