Face 2 Face - From Apple's Developer Conference


In this Face 2 Face the guys talk with people attending Apple Developers Conference In San Francisco including Scott McNulty, a blogger for TUAW.com.

Webcaller #1: The guys take with Scott McNulty, a blogger for TUAW.com "The Unofficial Apple Weblog."

Why do you think everyone was so disappointed by today’s Apple conference.

McNulty says because it was a re-hash of info, nothing new

But what should Steve Jobs do - aren't you being a little tough?

They overpromised, says McNulty. Let's see if they can deliver.

Eric Bolling adds the stock is ripping and it deserves a 5% correction.

McNulty agrees but says Apple’s first generation products aren’t always the best.

What are people concerned about?

The tactile feel says McNulty. When you use that on-screen keyboard, if it doesn’t feel right --AAPL could get into trouble.

How about the battery?

There’s some concern that it's not user replacable, McNulty says. Apple’s website says the battery provides about 5 hours of talk time which seems right.

Webcaller #2: Next, the guys talk with Andrew Welch is President of Ambrosia Software Inc., a maker of video, audio recording software for Apple computers.

Why do you think they don’t want you to get your hands on the iPhone?

As soon as 3rd party developers get into the phone, Apple is worried it will crash more often, says Welch. And consequently, the user experience won’t be as good as Apple wants it to be.

Do you agree?

I understand it, says Welch. But of course I don’t agree with it.

What would you do with the phone?

We have ideas for mobile gaming for the phone.

What do you see in the future?

What Apple is doing with the iPhone is what they did with the iPod. They don’t share. Eventually, it’s possible it will be opened up to select partners. But right now they’re manic about maintaining quality and user experience.


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