Think you know it all? Then Let's Hear It!

One of my favorite aspects of covering the auto industry is hearing from viewers/readers about stories I've done, models they have driven or general impressions of the industry. Often, they are well thought out. Sometimes they are so off the wall I chuckle to myself.

So I'm asking you for your opinion of a very specific question: What do you think is the most misunderstood story in the auto industry?

For example, John Casesa, a long-time analyst at Merrill Lynch who now runs a consulting firm told me that the one story/comment he thinks is most misunderstood is when people tell him, "The UAW is the root of all evil in the auto industry". John's opinion is that the UAW contract creates some serious issues for the big 3, but it's unfair to blame the union for all of the problems the big 3 are facing. I agree with John.

For me personally, the one comment I hear that I scratch my head about is when viewers tell me, in essence, "it's not good that foreign automakers thrive here because the profits wind up ultimately going to another country."

When I respond to those people by asking, "Is it ok then for GM to rake in major profits in China and Asia?", I am usually told, "that's different." In other words, what's ok for U.S. automakers should not be ok for other automakers.

So I'm asking you right now, to write in and tell me what you think is the most misunderstood story in the auto industry? It could be about a company, a specific model, or the industry as a hole. Come on, you know that there's something you always hear about that makes you say, "what? that person is whacked!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Send me your comments and later this week I'll tell you what's bothering others. And in some cases I will throw in my two cents. Write to

This should be fun!!

Questions? Comments?