Stop Trading!

Burger King was the first topic of discussion on Stop Trading! today. Cramer had nothing but good things to say about CEO John Chidsey.

“He’s a money machine,” Cramer said.

BK went from bad to good, and business overseas should boost the company over the next couple of years. There’s plenty of growth left in the fast-food chain.

“There’s still a lot of things they can do to become a better company,” Cramer said, “and they have this October rollout of what’s supposed to be a dynamite sandwich. I say Burger King goes higher.”

If given the choice, though, Cramer would still have to recommend McDonald’s.

“It’s just a better company than Burger King,” he said.

There’s room to move in oil services, too. Schlumberger and Oil Services HOLDRs are breaking out of a strike despite being pinned previously, and Halliburton is down from the $40 level it was at this time last year. Cramer expects it will work its way back.

This group is not done,” he said.

Cramer usually doesn’t recommend calls on this show, but he says if he were still at his hedge fund he would be buying the June $115 calls on John Deere and June $95 calls on Boeing. He thinks both companies can tack on a couple of points before Friday.

“Just let it run for two days for a massive return,” Cramer said.

Jim's charitable trust owns Halliburton.

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