It's Time for the Lightning Round!

Zimmer Holdings : “Do you mind if I say that we wait until it goes under $80 before we absolutely back up the truck?” Investors might want to take a small position now, then as the price drops, build up.

Mastercard : “Mastercard goes to $175 before it gets too expensive.” Cramer says not to worry about the Visa IPO. “We will deal with that when it comes time.”

Yum! Brands : Yum! is still cheap, Cramer says, and he likes it to $75, which is when he recommends taking some off the table.

MSC Industrial Direct : Cramer thinks Reliance Steel is a better play here.

Weight Watchers : “Great secular growth. I’m sticking with it. Under $50, I’m backing up the truck.”

Trump Entertainment : “I think this company gets a bid, but I don’t think you get any money.” Sell, sell, sell!

Mediacom : “If I am going to recommend a cable company, I’m going to send you either to Time Warner or Comcast . I think Comcast is phenomenally undervalued here.” Mediacom is a bit speculative for Cramer right now.

eBay : A merger with Yahoo! is the only way Cramer can get behind this stock.

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