Stop Trading!

Best Buy has become a replaceable stock, Cramer told Erin Burnett on Stop Trading! today.

"I just don't think there's a lot of upside," he said.

The stock is trapped between $45 and $50, and Cramer doesn't expect it to break out of that range.

Morgan Stanley looks good ahead of next week's earnings. The broker has a great management team, a good business model and it's returning value to shareholders, Cramer said. That's a big difference from the days of Phillip Purcell, the former CEO.

Stear clear of hotel stocks, Goldman Sachs analyst Steven Kent said in a recent report, except for Wyndham Worldwide and Marriott . Kent's bullish on their time-share business, and so is Cramer.

"They're like a bank. They loan at a high yield," he said.

Cramer's charitable trust owns Goldman Sachs.

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