It's Time for the Lightning Round!

Superior Energy : With Halliburton down from its high, Cramer thinks that’s a better oil services play.

Kraft : “Kraft is going to $40.”

Build-A-Bear : “I think that company has a credibility problem. Down $6? No. Under $20? Maybe. But right here? Don’t buy!”

Switch & Data Facilities : This is like Cramer’s recommendation of Clearwire. Keeping buying as it goes down, he says.

Office Depot : “It’s just too low. I have to recommend it. Buy, buy, buy!”

Investools : “I want to stay away for now, which is too bad because that company had been on a major roll. Now I have to be cautionary.”

Canon : Cramer prefers Sony on a breakup basis, but says that Canon is still a winner, especially if the yen trends downward.

Southwest Air : “Don’t ask me to get in bed with the airlines. Please, I have enough sleeping problems.” The only airline Cramer recommends is GOL Linhas Areas Inteligentes.

Procter & Gamble : Don’t buy. “I feel like it’s lost its way.” Cramer would rather be in Colgate-Palmolive, even with the company’s recent troubles.

Prudential : “I think that PRU is still the best insurance company in show.” Cramer thinks this stock goes to $110.

Jim’s charitable trust owns Halliburton.

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