IPOs Still Robust Despite Higher Interest Rates, Analyst Says

Initial public offerings may be hurt by higher interest rates, but one analyst said the IPO market is still robust.

"We've had nearly 100 IPOs priced raising over $20 billion in the U.S. marketplace," Richard Peterson, Thomson Financial Senior Research Analyst, said on "Morning Call."

He said the top sectors have been healthcare, technology, financials, and energy & power.

Francis Gaskins, president and editor of IPODesktop.com agreed, adding that the Nasdaq is selling at a five-year high.

"As long as the Nasdaq is up, and doesn't have a correction of around 10% or so, the IPO is open," Gaskins said.

As for international firms, Gaskins said the companies are doing "okay."

He said they are less sensitive to interest rates, as Chinese solar-energy stocks have done well.