It's Time for the Lightning Round!

On Jan. 3, Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel landed on Cramer’s Wall of Shame. Coming off the wall, whether through firing or retiring, meant a quick couple of upside points for the company. Today, Semel came off the wall and Yahoo! got those points. Co-founder Jerry Yang is taking over the CEO spot, and Semel is now the non-executive chairman. Cramer expects a few more points before the stock is done with its rally.

CYTYC : Cramer would switch out CYTYC for Hologic. “Hologic at $55 is the way to go.”

Mastercard : “Do not dare leave Mastercard yet.” Schnitzel a little to play with the house’s money, but Cramer thinks this one goes to $200.

Golden Star Resources : Cramer recommended this as a speculative play. If investors want something safe, he recommends Yumana Gold.

Apollo Investment : “Eight percent yield. I think it’s a keeper.”

Bucyrus Intl. : Cramer thinks this is a part of the American resurgence in manufacturing. This is a Joy Global are great mineral plays, he says. “Do not sell that stock.” He thinks it could trade up 15 more points.

Elan Pharma : “That stock is going higher.” Cramer admits he was bearish on Elan before, but he’s changed his mind.

Trident Microsystems :NVIDIA, Texas Instruments and National Semiconductor are all better plays than TRID, Cramer says.

Terex :Caterpillar is a better choice because Terex has already had such a good run, Cramer says. Wait for a pullback.

optionsXpress : Cramer’s a fan of OXPS. It’s a well-run company in a great business. He thinks it goes back to its high of $32.

JC Penney : Cramer believes Mike Goldman will get JCP back to its 52-week high of $87. “I’m not backing away. I’m backing up the truck.”

Echelon : Don’t buy!

Novastar Financial : The balance sheet is so bad Cramer can’t recommend buying NFI, but he doesn’t think the stock should be sold either.

Melco PBL Entertainment : Cramer recommended MPEL at the IPO, but the price has plummeted since then. “These guys are not for me.”

Cramer’s charitable trust owns Hologic and Yahoo!.

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