Visible World: Answer To TV's Advertising Prayers?

The TV ad market has lost millions of dollars of ad revenue to Internet ads, which are more targeted and flexible. But now a new technology company called Visible World,is making TV ad minutes be more valuable than ever. Visible World's Inteli-Spot technology allows channels to automatically customize their ads to the time of day, channel, and show they're airing on. And the advertisers can even update the ads up to seven seconds before they air!

Today, MTV Networks announced it's partnering with Visible World. So all nine of MTV Networks channels-- including VH1, Comedy Central, Adult Swim, and Spike TV, among others-- will offer advertisers more specific, flexible ad time. For instance-- MTV can promote an awards show by featuring different celebrities depending on where the ad is airing.

If there's change about who's hosting the ad can be easily changed at the last minute. And in a promotion during a commercial break, the ad can even refer to who just won what award! When it comes to sporting events, different ads can be used depending on what just happened, a touchdown, etc, as Wendy's has done. And United Airlines has tweaked ads so they mention very specific neighborhoods.

And of course, the more specific an ad, the more its worth to the network selling the ad time, and to advertisers, and the less likely viewers are to forward through.

So all this focus means higher ad prices, exactly what they need to compete.

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