CNBC Exclusive: Boeing Commercial Chief Says 787 on Track

The head of Boeing's commercial airplane unit said Tuesday that despite reports of possible delays to the company's new 787 Dreamliner aircraft, the new jet will be delivered as scheduled.

The 787, is "on track to certify and deliver in May of next year," Scott Carson, president and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, told "Squawk Box Europe" from the Paris Air Show.

Boeing is suddenly facing a lack of titanium nuts and bolts needed for its new flagship aircraft, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday. But the shortage "isn't a 787 specific issue, it's an industry challenge," Carson told CNBC, adding that it's "about the biggest challenge we face."

Responding to the $40 billion in new orders rival Airbus announced Monday at the air show, Carson acknowledged that he would have preferred to see some of those orders swing Boeing's way, but also extolled the benefits of competition.

"There are certainly some campaigns we would have liked to have won yesterday," Carson said. "But we're happy with where we stand this year and we're happy with the progress we've made."

Carson added that he was pleased to see Airbus "back and healthy" and that having two competitors is good for the commercial jet industry.

When asked whether investors should expect deal announcements from the U.S. planemaker, Carson decline to give any details, saying instead "we'd love to have some more orders, but we'll see how things develop."

Carson also said that new environmental regulations could actually enhance demand in the short term as airlines look to replace older aircraft, but did not specify about the long-term effects on demand.