CNBC's Schacknow: Thursday's Double-Dip of 'Scary' Scoops

Runaway Train
Earlier this week, we told the tale of your Breaking News producer (yours truly) nearly being run over by the “Hucky Express” -- as pharmaceuticals reporter Mike Huckman raced over with breaking news.

Thursday, it was the ”Faber Flyer” that nearly knocked me over -- as David Faber found out that CNBC's parent company General Electric had dropped out of any potential bids for Dow Jones.

Ordinarily, when a reporter breaks a story, they consult with me about what they’ll be reporting, we prepare elements as quickly as possible, and they go on the air.

Today, we abandoned that procedure. All I saw was David flying down the stairs, running towards me and saying, “GE’s out of the bidding for Dow Jones, get me on NOW!”


I have to admit it was both impressive and scary at the same time, but we managed to hook David up, get some elements ready, and get him on the air within seconds -- and most important to scoop-meisters like David, beat the wires to the punch.

It was very satisfying. I’m resisting the urge to put up a traffic light and railroad crossing gates next to the Breaking News desk, despite having to face down runaway reporter trains twice this week.

Double Scoop
David wasn’t the only enterprising reporter keeping the Breaking News desk busy. Charlie Gasparino has had an eventful week as well, breaking several stories on the ongoing saga of Bear Stearns’ troubled hedge funds.

Thursday’s scoop added a great angle to an ongoing story: the Blackstone Group IPO, which priced today at $31 per share and should start trading Friday. Charlie reported that private equity giant KKR had hired Citigroup and Morgan Stanley to explore a possible initial public offering, obviously keeping an eye on Blackstone before solidifying plans.

Charlie is stationed in our New York City bureau –- which adds one level of difficulty, in that we have to set up a remote feed -- we're headquartered in Englewood Cliffs, N.J. -- and we can’t poke Charlie with the usual cattle prod to get him into the chair and ready to report.

On the other hand, since Charlie is not here and hasn’t come close to running me over, I won’t have to come up with a Gasparino-related train alliteration.