Making Millions: Viewers Say "Why Not Me?"

I’m really riding a high right now; Wednesday I finally had the chance to do a whole show with viewers. Folks, just like you, excited to take a chance with their own future. As much as we may have inspired these seven viewers we talked to on the show, they have inspired me. Each of them believe in something I’ve been saying for a long time and it’s, “why not me?”

My guests Wednesday all say their idea will make millions. They have some great stories and some very practical advice like what Web sites they went to, what tradeshows, stuff like that. I hope you will check them out when you’re thinking about your own business ideas. Who knows if they’ll all make millions? I certainly think they all have the potential and the enthusiasm to do it. But the most important thing is that they are going for it.

Keep thinking about your own ideas and remember I love hearing from you guys.


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