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Breezies - Check out how this mother and her two daughters are changing the way women think about their lingerie!

Quiqlite - Need a light? Check out some of these new and versatile new lights that can go just about anywhere

Mesu Bowls - Tired of those same old measuring cups? How about measuring bowls? Check out these easy-to-use new items that can help you manage your diet!

Cozy's Cuts for Kids - Does your kid hate getting their hair cut? Check out the most playful way to get them to beg for another haircut!

Perfect Curve - It's the style, curving the brim in your hat... and this great item can help you do it perfectly!

Peanut Shell Baby Sling - Is there be a better way to carry your baby? Alicia Shaffer found a way with this stylish new line of baby products!