Will Apple's iPhone be the coolest thing in wireless technology or is it just a bunch of hype?


"The iPhone is probably a combination of cool technology and hype, with a good marketing campaign to get the gadget buyers attention. If you are patient and wait, there will be other choices at competitive prices."
-- Cary W., Arizona

"The iPhone appears to be the ultimate portable electronic device. Not only is it packed with features; it also has that stylish look that all Apple products exhibit. While the price may seem to be a bit steep, you're paying for more than just a cell phone. The only drawback to this phone is that it will only be offered to AT&T cellular subscribers; a service provider that (at least in MA) has a fairly small market share."
-- Chris N., Massachusetts

"Yes, I live in a retirement community in Florida and everyone is talking about it and wants one!"
-- Pam F.

"The iPhone has raised the bar to a neck stretching level."
-- Joseph P., Connecticut

"Apple will have built a great device, but Cingular’s slow Edge network will render it useless."
-- Aaron W.

"Its not new technology, touch screen has been around for years. I think its just a bunch of hype and I am not buying one."
-- L.C.

"I believe that the iPhone is just another unneeded and expensive toy. Blackberry and Treo and to a certain extent Palm provide real tools at reasonable prices. Anyone sitting in line all night to buy something tonight really has little constructive need for an iPhone other than as a plaything. Imagine how much better the economy would be if all of the iPhone customers were productive."
-- Gene B., New Jersey

"I believe it will be unprecedented in its success."
-- Bill C., Texas

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"By the time this version of the iPhone comes out, Apple will be working on another version. It is nice, but too expensive. The battery is a real problem! It has some nice features, but most of them are useless to a business person. I'll wait until Apple works out the 'bugs' and the price comes down."
-- Elsie L., New Jersey

"I believe iPhone is a game changer that will prove Steve Jobs' thesis that consumers are willing to pay for innovation and functionality."
-- Amir H., New Jersey

"The price is not high at all for a device that is a fabulous phone, an iPod, and e-mail communicator, and a palm Internet computer. The monthly service is right in line with ordinary cell phones. This will be the new paradigm and a category killer...a turning point in handheld and personal communications."
-- Tom, Tennessee

"I am very weary of following the hype of a new product even if it is coming from a reputable company. The first rule in geekdom is don’t buy the first model."
-- Chris G.

"The iPhone is a phenomenon, as is the iPod! Are we so bombarded by meaningless media banter that we've lost our sense of wonder? Have there been so many ongoing technological advances that we no longer recognize genuine genius when we see it? The iPhone is a revolutionary concept that will single handedly change the course of a variety of industries!"
-- Mary, Florida

"I just want to make a phone call!"
-- G.S.

"Consumers will adopt it to a degree. But the entry cost is prohibitive. I personally would not buy it."
-- Joe J.

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"The iPhone will be the coolest tech gadget to come along in a long time, but it will not be the big hit Apple is looking for. The price is too high and the service is too limited."
-- Elliott C., Arkansas

"Its a heck of a phone, from what I've seen on the commercials anyway, but, as Mr. Haines said on Squawk this morning, I just want to make a phone call. These phones are probably too expensive for the common folk, so I don’t know how well they will do, but as slick an attractive as it is, I imagine many people will make sacrifices just to get one, but I wont be one of them."
-- John S.

"The iPod revolutionized the way we listen to music and the iPhone will revolutionize the phone industry!"
-- Denis H., Maryland

"It's a wonderful spin off of an iconic product. However, I think that its sales performance will be similar to a sequel to a blockbuster movie."
-- Aaron Z., Illinois

"I cannot afford to be without a phone. Therefore, I cannot own a phone that needs to be mailed back to the manufacturer for a battery."
-- D.E., Louisiana

"Just the phone I need for my business. Hope to buy one Friday.
-- Bernie K.

"Ah, for those that have to clutter their life with every new tech gizmo that comes down the pike, I suppose it'll score big time. It's one more gadget to help pile on the stress, anxiety, blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and the like."
-- Brian S., New Hampshire

"Absolutely it's the coolest thing yet in wireless technology. One look at the videos on Apple's website show you just how different the iPhone is. How can anyone say they haven't done anything new to the cell phone? They must be blind."
-- Curt

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"Although this phone has its drawbacks, its impact will be obvious when its features become industry standards."
-- Brian M., Ohio

"The new technology will be welcomed...but the price tag is going to scare some off."
-- Chuck H., Mississippi

"Although this phone has its drawbacks (3G-less, built-in-battery, price, etc.), its impact will be obvious when its revolutionary features become industry standards."
-- Brian M., Ohio

"Really cool, trendy, functional and hype. I expect we will see several other drab or unknown products available that will provide similar functionality for a fraction of the price."
-- Dave K, South Carolina

"Like all new, first-round technology, the iPhone will have some bugs that will ultimately be reconciled for the inevitable second edition. In addition, the relatively low battery life and the lack of corporate e-mail functionality keeps this alpha-version iPhone from being the 'winner' that everyone seems to think it will be."
-- Jordan Z.

"It's the next great thing. They truly re-invented the cellphone."
Chris P., Maryland

"Wait and see attitude. Big question would be battery life."
-- EPR

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"Yes, it is. The price tag is also very cheap for such a cool device. I'll buy 2 !!"
-- Vincent N.

"Apple's iPhone is going to be the coolest in technology because of the fact that it is an Apple product through and through. The technology and user interface is like nothing anyone else has ever done, and I believe it will provide not only the coolest phone on the market, but also ideas to the other phone makers. In my opinion, the hype is strong, but it is not there for nothing. Apple has a way of controlling its consumers, in the sense of once they gotcha, they gotcha. That's the beauty of Apple and their new product."
-- Alex S., Arizona

"Coolest ever-- as always for music, video's, messaging and screen size. Maybe it will drive some of the brokerage firms to be more mac compatible with their online software?"
Betty B., Florida

"Honestly yes, the iPhone will be the coolest thing out there. Does that make it the best phone on the market? Not even close...As far as cool the iPhone has it down. Touch-screen technology, colorful interface, sex appeal, it has it all on the outside. Which is exactly what Apple has always had and always needed to have big sales. Look at the iPod. Does basically the same functions as every other MP3 player, but looks good while doing and you pay a premium price for it. Frankly, I like the feel of buttons and keys, wheels, and all the other doodads of my current phone, and would never pay $599 for a brand new, never before tested model. For it not to have the 3G function as most smart-phones is a major flaw, as well as the battery life and durability issues Apple has faced in the past. The iPhone will be a great consumer product, but as a business product the iPhone is lacking. Most business men and women will not upgrade their current phone just because the iPhone looks sexy. And what Apple failed to realize is that most people who have $599 to buy a phone will realize the benefit of keeping their current, faster, and just as functional phone. Smartest move Apple has made so far -- going with AT&T. At least the coverage is worth the price tag."
-- Mike L.

“I think it's an overpriced cell phone that doesn't do anything new. I'm not one to fall for fads or brands, so putting the Apple name on it means nothing to me. I especially don't like the fact that it'll only be available on AT&T and they're going to require a costly 24-month contract. I think this is Apple's way of exploiting its customer's loyalty to maximize their profits.”
-- Ray M., Florida

"It is more hype than the 'coolest thing,' and is not something on which a country of debt-loaded consumers need to spend their money."
Dan B., Ohio

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"I think it is cool, but it will give people more reason to be playing with their phones while driving. Interaction person to person is disappearing day by day causing social problems in society. Technology is great, but more emphasis needs to be towards medical not towards how many things a phone do while your bored because you don’t want face to face interaction."
-- Rich A., Utah

"Although this phone has its drawbacks (3G-less, built-in-battery, price, etc.), its impact will be obvious when its 'revolutionary' features become industry standards."
-- Brian M., Ohio

"Eventually. The same marketing plan Steve Jobs used for the iPod is being used on the iPhone. It's best to wait for future generation phones that will have probably a longer battery life and maybe 3G technology. And just like the iPod, a smaller and cheaper one will come out soon. If this happens, you will see more choices in service providers."
-- Don S., Arizona