Al Gore: He's Got A Big Idea

Donny Deutsch with Al Gore
Donny Deutsch with Al Gore

Like him or not, Al Gorehas some big ideas. It doesn't matter whether you're a Democrat, a Republican, or an Independent. It doesn't matter whether you think global warming is man-made, natural, God’s will, or not happening at all. And it doesn't matter whether you’re buying sun tan oil by the case or getting ready for a climate apocalypse. No matter where you stand, there’s something you can learn about PASSION from Al Gore.

This global warming guy is ON FIRE!

He could have packed it in after the misery of the 2000 election. Got a job as a lobbyist. Plopped himself down on some boards of directors (well, he did do that.) But instead he focused in on something he felt deeply about.

And let’s face it, Al Gore’s crusade is one of the biggest ideas being talked about today, and certainly one of the biggest featured on this show. SAVE THE EARTH FROM ENVIRONMENTAL MELTDOWN. That’s pretty darn BIG!

And for Gore, it’s nothing new. He’s full of big ideas. During our interview, he predicted that his brainchild, “Live Earth,”would be the biggest, most far-reaching event of all time. You can’t get much more global than to have a 24-hour, great-green sing-a-long simultaneously broadcast from every continent of the world!

Now, I know Al Gore has plenty of critics. For every person who embraces Gore’s suggestions, two more pop up to predict economic disaster. Potential outcomes to his global warming plan range from the outsourcing of American jobs, to an all-out crippling of certain sectors of the U.S. economy.

But despite the criticisms, Gore’s passion remains strong. And you’ve got to admit, this guy

Donny Deutsch with Al Gore
Donny Deutsch with Al Gore

knows how to get his message out. Perhaps more effectively now than he could while in office.

So, do you ever feel like your back’s up against the wall? Do you ever feel like the votes have been counted and you’re the big loser? When it happens, think about your biggest, deepest passion, whatever it is, and say: hey, Al Gore took what he cared about and made a comeback. He’s followed his passion. If he can do it, so can I!

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