Stop Trading!

In an interesting twist on Wall Street, Union Pacific is up despite having its estimates and price targets cut by a Credit Suisse analyst.

“What would happen if they bumped numbers?” Cramer asked during today’s Stop Trading! segment.

Though there’s a risk the stock could be knocked down come Monday, Cramer still recommends buying Union Pacific.

“It’s a great long-term growth story on pricing power,” Cramer said. “The rails have it. The truckers don’t.”

Today is the first day that Home Depot has seen any mojo since it initiated its buyback, Cramer said, and he thinks the stock is ready to roll. Don’t think the company’s responsible for the jump in price either. According to Cramer, HD is just following other investors who are buying the stock, and it’s cheap at present levels, he said. The company doesn’t have to complete the buyback, and often times public firms don’t, but Cramer believes HD is committed to seeing it through.

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