Experts Give Base Metal Stock Picks

Zinc and lead look golden, according to two "Morning Call" guests. Bill Mann, senior analyst at The Motley Fool, and Lou Grasso, metals trader at Millenium Futures, told CNBC's Liz Claman why base metals have a bright future -- and how investors can play it.

Mann declared that an "unbelievable construction boom" in China and India will keep driving materials prices upward.

"One market that hasn't yet participated in this rally is zinc," he said. How to play the key ingredient in alloys and industrial goods? The analyst noted the presence of "a few companies, usually thought of as silver," that deal in zinc -- specifically, Hecla Mining. He said savvy investors should seek out precious metals miners that have base metal business segments.

Mann also believes that the lead market will continue to rally, thanks in part to China's growing use of lead paint.

Grasso pointed to Goldcorp as an opportunity largely overlooked by investors. He praised the precious metals miner's multi-pronged appeal.

"It's really starting to build out assets through acquisitions," he said, and possesses "40 million ounces of proven gold reserves and 800 million ounces of proven silver reserves." Grasso said Goldcorp also has a healthy exposure to base metals, including zinc, lead and copper.