Liz Lange: Finding Her Maternal Instinct For Business

Liz Lange
Liz Lange

If there’s one person who believes that “no” is not an option, it’s Liz Lange. During two pregnancies, she found something she was passionate about: stylish maternity clothing. Her other friends were also going through pregnancies and were also lamenting the lack of stylish apparel for their new body shapes.

In this, Liz Lange saw opportunity. However, everywhere she turned, people would tell her there was no market for these products and that they would never sell. She was told that a “No one will accept a high-end maternity line” and that pregnant women wouldn’t pay up for high fashions.

Despite much criticism, Liz followed her gut and is now the presidentof her own company, aptly named after herself--Liz Lange–-and is now branching out all over the country and making millions! She reminds us all to “Block out the Nay-sayers!!”

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