It's Time for the Lightning Round!

Texas Industries : With so much exposure to housing, Cramer recommends switching out of it unless investors can withstand the hits this stock will inevitably take. Don't buy, he said, even though it's down three points.

Potash : "I think on any weakness you pull the trigger on the ag complex." Cramer recommends agriculture companies like Monsanto, Agco, Deere, Mosaic and Agrium right now. Potash is great as well, but it's only a point down from its 52-week high. Monsanto at $65 might be a better bet.

Mastercard : Cramer won't recommend buying Mastercard outright because of the dips the market has been taking this week. He'd rather Home Gamers wait for a pullback before they buy in.

Emergency Medical Service: EMS is selling at twice its growth rate, and for Cramer, that's a no-no. "I'm not going to touch it even though it's a good grower."

Volvo: "I think Volvo's pretty good at $20. I like it."

B&G Foods: Cramer can't understand why this stock isn't up more. He can't recommend it until he gets the CEO on Mad Money to talk about the business.

Axis Capital: "I think the insurers are going to triumph here as the only financial part of the economy that doesn't have housing risk. I'm going to bless that stock. I think that's a good buy."

Terra Nitrogen: Like the rest of the ag group, Cramer recommends waiting for a pullback before buying.

Brookfield Asset Management: "I feel strongly that this is precisely the kind of stock that you can buy right now."

EMC: "EMC probably has the most momentum of any tech name other than my four horseman [Google, Amazon , Apple, Research in Motion ]." Buy, buy, buy!

Frontline Ltd.: Cramer admits he was wrong about this one. He recommends pulling the trigger.

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