BSkyB Beats Expectations with 90,000 Net Customers

U.K. satellite broadcaster BSkyB said on Wednesday it had added 90,000 net new customers in the three months to the end of June, up 17% year-on-year, to give it 8.6 million subscribers.

It had record total new customer additions of 349,000, up 20% year on year. The company said churn, or the number of customers leaving the service, had fallen to 12.1% from a previous figure of 13.7%. It said it had 716,000 broadband customers.

BSkyB will give its year results on July 27 but updated the market on Wednesday with non-financial metrics as part of a wider strategy update for analysts.

As such, most analysts did not provide a full preview of the statement but Goldman Sachs put the consensus expectation for net subscriber additions at 60,000.

BSkyB said ARPU, or annualised revenue per user, had increased by 21 pounds year-on-year to 412 pounds ($830).

"Our transformation continues to gather pace," BSkyB Chief Executive James Murdoch said.

"Today we are adding new customers at the fastest rate since analogue switch-off; we are adding more broadband customers than any other provider; and we are the only major residential telephony provider growing its customer base."