Sam Adams' Jim Koch: A Brewing Passion For Beer

Samuel Adams
Samuel Adams

Do you believe in yourself enough to be rich? Jim Koch certainly did. For the first 35 years of his life, the Koch family history and his future career lay dormant in the attic of his parents' house. Tucked away was an old family recipe from the 1800s for Louis Koch Lager. Jim loved beer and he loved his old family recipe. He truly believed in the taste and quality of this traditional beer.

Jim decided that he was tired of the big beer companies and he wanted to make a “gourmet” product. Using his old family recipe, he made the first 6 bottles of Sam Adams Boston Lager in his kitchen and those first beverages snagged him his first sale.

Jim loves doing what he does. What could have been running through his mind as he approached the first bar to make his very first sale of Sam Adams? He was so flustered by the experience that he forgot to ask the owner how much beer he wanted! From the start, Jim knew he had a good product. He knew there was nothing like Sam Adams out there and he looked to change that.

Jim’s astronomical success may be an exceptional case, but just think--what would have happened if he hadn’t made that first batch of beer? It’d be a crying shame! Jim was motivated by his passions for beer. What are YOU passionate about? Jim loves beer. He’s translated that passion into $300 Million in sales. Why not follow your passion AND make millions at the same time? What else could you possibly wish for? If Jim can do it, I guarantee, you can too!

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