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Dear Jim: I was reading your thesis that "stocks that go to $80 go to $100. Further, if they go to $100, they tend to go to $120." I have had my eye on Manitowoc since late April and feel that I have missed the boat. Of course, if your thesis is sound, there could be 40% more left for this stock to run. Right? --Chris

Cramer says: “Right as rain, Chris. It’s absolutely one that has to be considered.”


Boo-yah Cramer: Thanks for taking my call in Sudden Death last night, but I just ended up more confused when you recommended Costco

, a retailer, as a competitor to Casey’s, primarily a gas station in the Midwest. If you could clarify this comparison, I would greatly appreciate it. --Tim

Cramer says: “I was really just trying to hit on the idea that what you really ought to be focused on is the best retailer. Everybody’s a retailer who has a standing game in gasoline...”


Boo-yah Jim: I have 100 shares of Rite Aid. Do you think with the recent pullback with RAD, that I should take a schnitzel (25 shares), with the recent Medicaid rule that will hurt pharmacies in mind. Or do you think this is temporary and that I should back up the truck on this weakness? Laissez les bon temp roulez Skee-daddy. --Kevin

Cramer says: “I don’t think you should touch Rite Aid.”

Dear Jim: A big summertime learnin’-to-fish, ba-ba-ba-boo-yah to ya! I am a new investor (just been watching Mad Money since mid-April) and need help with homework. I purchased Cemex a few days after watching your compelling, if not titillating, recommendation. After doing the initial homework, I agreed with you! Earnings! Growth! And a ROW'er! On June 18, CX released guidance lowering 2Q earnings, but still expecting the first half of ‘07 to be positive. What does a new investor do with this kind of information? --Elaine

Cramer says: “You’re trapped by the housing cycle, but that’s OK. Cemex is growing like a weed. I like the company very much.”

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