Stop Trading!

The talk today might be about Vodafone’s denial that it plans to buy Verizon Communications, but Cramer spent a good chunk of Stop Trading! talking about Sprint.

“If you sense there’s about to be a turn in Sprint,” he said, “you’d be nuts not to take this thing private.”

According to Cramer, Vodafone is saying that cell phone networks like Sprint’s are worth a lot of money, and there aren’t major plans for new networks to be built.

“To me, Sprint is the more likely player to be bought by private equity,” Cramer said, “or be bought by someone who needs to have another network in America.”

Just because Verizon is up on the speculation doesn’t mean it’s too late for investors to get in. Cramer says the stock is cheap anyway.

Coca-Cola is the ultimate weak-dollar play. The sinking American currency this past quarter means analyst projections should be off when Coke reports this week. Cramer thinks this is a chance to get in.

“I think the stock trades to $55 by week end,” he said.

Lastly, if investors plan to short Moody’s , Cramer recommends getting long in McGraw-Hill , “which I regard as a better outfit that’s more diversified,” he said.

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