Disney Launches New CDVU+ To Gain CD Sales

There's no question that CD sales growth is in a sad, sad decline. But Disney's not letting go so fast. Its Hollywood Records is launching today a new format called CDVU + (plus), which has much more memory than any current enhanced CD.

Disney is launching with the Jonas Brothersand will follow with Hollywood Records' other hot properties: the High School Musicalsoundtracks, Hilary Duff,Breaking Benjamin, and Plain White Ts. You probably haven't heard of any of these bands because they're hot with the 8 to 18 year-old crowd--precisely the crowd that would be so interested in the extras a CDVU can provide. That includes extra music videos behind the scenes, dozens and dozens of photos, plus stuff you'd never find on an enhanced CD, like the ability to put your photo into a poster of the band, etc.

Obviously this younger generation is totally web savvy--the exact demo that's likely to download songs--legally or illegally. But these tween and teen fans are also the ones who are likely to be obsessed enough with the heartthrob singers Disney's lucky enough to have in its stable--that they just might be motivated by all that exclusive content, to actually buy an album in the store. Hollywood Records p.r. reps tell me that big box retailers in the Minneapolis area tested the product, and that Best Buy , Target , and Wal-Mart seem happy.

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