Stephen Gass And SawStop: A Safer Business Idea

Saw Stop
Saw Stop

How can you make the world a safer place? That’s exactly how Stephen Gass arrived at his million-dollar idea. He took his passion for physics as well as his entrepreneurial spirit and came out with a product that took the risk out of a very dangerous hobby.

SawStopis a revolutionary product that offers a safety mechanism for blade-saws that can detect when a woodworker’s hand is in danger of contacting the blade. SawStop is avoiding potential accidents all over the country: and who WOULDN’T want a saw with this function? He knew he had a great idea when a huge crowd surrounded him at his first tradeshow, with his popular “Hot Dog” demonstration.

Stephen Gass saw this opportunity and said the magic words: There’s Gotta Be a Better Way!!! With a little ingenuity and a healthy dose of passion, you’re on the roadmap to millions!

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